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Thank you for your interest in ReVamp Your Home! How can we help you?

ReVamp Your Home is a fast, fun affordable way to restyle your home using what you already have as a base. We have several packages available and we can customize any project. Let's get together and talk about how simple it would be to pull together.

Mary Jayne Barnett
"Fall in love with where you live ~ ReVamp Your Home"

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t 949.922.5357 | f 949.459.6118


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Fall in LOVE with where you Live!

Use what you have and remix it in a brand new way. That's all it takes to set a mood, revive old favorites and fall in love
with your home all over again.

Fall in love with where you live, reVAMP your home!

Contact Mary Jayne at:

t 949.922.5357 | f 949.459.6118

Call ReVamp Your Home today at 949.922.5357 to stage or restyle your Orange County home!