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by mary jayne barnett




Client Testimonials


"I would like to personally recommend Feng Shui with MJ to anyone, especially business owners. I have had two Chiropractic offices Feng Shuied by MJ. Organizing and placing everything in an office with intent, order and professionalism is MJ's talent. I personally do not look at an office space the same way, but MJ has taught me so much. I definitely feel that this has totally increased my business and lowered my stress."

~ Mark Cymerint, D.C., Laguna Hills, CA

"Thank you for revamping our living room with a Feng Shui twist. I had no idea how a fresh change could make everyone so happy. You really have the magic touch! The kids come in and talk about things that have always been there. Guests are drawn in and just sit, looking around like they've never been here. Our "stuff" has become interesting in a beautiful way. Thank you for giving your time and skills so generously. I will be calling you again soon!"

~ Lori, Laguna Beach

"Mary Jayne, thank you so much for helping us “ReVamp” our home. You did a great job of listening to our goals and working within our budget. We loved your creative ideas. Most importantly, thanks for being such a pleasure to work with. You did a fantastic job of bridging our sometimes conflicting ideas and creating an option we both loved. Your sense of humor was a huge asset"

~ David and Teri, Rancho Santa Margarita

"You are truly an artist, Mary Jayne. You have such an eye for what works in a room. I loved that you used what I already had in my home and got to the heart of what was most meaningful to me. The few items you brought in were reasonably priced and additions that brought a “Yes, that’s it!” response from my husband and me. Not only have you revamped my home, you have given me entertainment suggestions that have revamped my image in the eyes of my guests. Thank you so much!”

~ Susan, Mission Viejo

“Mary Jayne Barnett and ReVamp your home helped me refurbish an old condo on Balboa Island and turn it into a magical island home. From there I used her talents again when I moved into a home in Corona del Mar. Mary Jayne has the amazing ability to really listen to her clients and see what is important to them. Her artistic eye helped me create my dream home. I will always be grateful for her imagination and ideas!”

~ Judi, Corona del Mar

"MaryJayne's relaxed professional approach made idea exchange a breeze and helped us through a home transformation with nothing but smiles and compliments."

~ Mike & Linda Finn, RSM

"Mary Jayne,

Thank you for what you've done for my home! That nagging feeling that it wasn't complete is now gone. Your fresh eye for rearranging my existing items gave them new life, and the new pieces you chose have added just the right touch! Not having to put in the overwhelming amount of legwork and time involved in their selection was a major relief to me, yet I love each piece as though I had. I particularly appreciated your ability to incorporate my "sentimental" items into the overall look. I highly recommend the skilled service you provide."

~ Anna, RSM

"A very big thank you to you MJ for the Feng Shui and Revamping you have done for us, I remember walking into the guest/office bathroom the next day after you had completed your magic touches and thinking “Oh my, what an amazing energy this room now has!” For a few days I kept finding myself just going in there to admire the great way it felt! You were wonderful in how you matched exactly what I had imagined I wanted the room to look like, and at the same time keeping the Feng Shui aspects of the room in balance with its gua and energy it held for the family section of our home. It's amazing how easily you were able to pick up on what our likes and dislikes were, and how you set out to purchase the items that made each room pop and come alive, and at the same time look so polished and stylish in finish, without costing us an arm and a leg.

I had no hesitation in having you help us again when we moved our home/office to Laguna Beach, and you were simply a life saver, as moving is never an easy experience. I have no idea how you managed to put all the key Feng Shui elements in their respective places and arranged the key items so that all we had to do was fill in with the rest of the furniture to complete our move in. Your help in setting up my clinic office so I was ready to see clients again within a few days of moving was a complete miracle to me. You made it look and feel like it was exactly as it was meant, to be right away.

I highly recommend your Feng Shui and Revamping services to many of our clients, because I know how vital it is that the Feng Shui energy within each of our environments be balanced, as they have a huge effect on our daily health and wellbeing.

Thank you so very much for being of service in this way. What you do is life changing. "

~ Lee-Ann Connolly - The BodyTalk Center OC, Laguna Beach

Thank you so much Mary Jayne for your kindness, creativity and professionalism.
Our first office space you transformed by fitting 3 people in a tiny office while still making it presentable and functional. Now with our new office, we still couldn't be more pleased!
By allowing us to leave you with so many of our own personal items we love, you were really able to make it all WORK while finding the right (affordable) pieces to fill in the blanks.
With your Feng Shui techniques, you've also managed to help the dynamics of the office as well.

We continue to get kudos from our clients regular, and so, we pass those kudos along to you here. Thanks Mary Jayne!

~ Angela Collins & Angie Weeks - Cal Coast Web Design, Lake Forest


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